Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Sing Baby Sing!

Music pastors, worship leaders, musicians and singers are a gift to the church. Any Senior Pastor can share at least one horror story about their experience with a worship service.

When Pastors Tom & Judy Douglas became the full-time Music Pastors at NHIC in 1995, we knew that we were a fit. Sadly, many pastors and music leaders will stand on a platform together this Sunday, yet miles apart in their hearts toward one another. Worse yet is that most in the pews can smell the tension.

There are three questions that senior pastors and their music pastors need to answer: 1) Are We A Fit? 2) Are We Walking the Same Direction? 3) Can We Talk?

How do you know when you and those under your leadership are a fit? What core values are essential to your leadership? What methods do you employ to open the lines of communication?

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