Friday, September 25, 2009

Go Johnny Go!

Perhaps the most difficult assignment for any manager, pastor, or leader is to let go of some one in your organization. Timing is so important.

In many ways the church leader must think with a business mind. However, because we are "spiritual" leaders, often we are judged by our decisions on a different level.

How do you know when it's time? There are so many factors; and every church dynamic is different.

It might be time to say "go Johnny go" when: 1) Johnny refuses to give his "Dear Johnny" letter. Most staff members know when it's time. If Johnny stays too long, he can become divisive, rebellious, and nasty. 2) It's time to go when he's no longer productive. If he is not fulfilled or fruitful, you've got trouble on your hands. 3) It might be time to say "go Johnny go" when you see major morale issues with people under his leadership.

There are many reasons to say good-bye, and I've only hit on a few. What is your number one reason to let go of a staff member?

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