Monday, July 13, 2009

We Fixed What Kept You Away!

I received a marketing flier for a new church in our area today. Thought I'd pass on the info for those of you looking to market with something new.

#10 No dress code. Just wear some clothes; socks are optional.
#9 Accepting, forgiving, and authentic. We all have issues, so you will be at home here.
#8 We don't beg for money.
#7 A practical message that will help you overcome life's difficult issues. No history lesson. Yes, we even use movies and videos.
#6 Your kids will love the indoor playground, x-boxes, live music, clowns and more.
#5 No membership required, just a place to connect.
#4 30 nations of people, so you will fit in.
#3 Loud guitars. Big drum set. Worship like you've never experienced before.
#2 Experience a freedom that leads to a life of purpose.
#1 Come reconnect in a living and safe atmosphere.

Friday, July 10, 2009

How Much Does The Sr. Pastor Matter?

In my last post I focused on location in a poll that asked why the un-churched choose a church. If you look back, location was #13 of 13. The pastor & his preaching were #1.

Looking below you will notice that the top 9 reasons the churched choose a church. Where is the pastor, he is #8 out of 9. What does this mean? If this research is anywhere near accurate, then when it comes to reaching the churched, the pastor is not nearly as important as he is when it comes to reaching the unchurched.

Could it be that pastors pay too much attention to the churched (which has little effect on their decision on choosing a church) and not enough on the un-churched which according to this research plays a HUGE role in their choosing of a church?

Top 9 Reasons that Church-Attenders Choose a Church(research conducted by the Barna Group in 1999)
58% - Doctrine/Theology
53% - People Caring for Each Other
52% - Preaching
45% - Friendliness
45% - Children’s Programs
43% - Helping the Poor
36% - Denomination
35% - Like the Pastor
26% - Sunday School

What are your thoughts?

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

location, location, location

I recently came accross some data researched to find out why the unchurched choose a church.
Here are the top 13 reasons why:

90% - Pastor/Preaching
88% - Doctrines
49% - Friendliness of Members
42% - Other Issues
41% - Someone Church Witnessed to Me
38% - Family Member
37% - Sensed God’s Presence/Atmosphere of Church
25% - Relationship Other than Family Member
25% - Sunday School Class
25% - Children’s/Youth Ministry
12% - Other Groups/Ministries
11% - Worship Style/Music
7% - Location

look again at number 13...location. I have heard for years now people say the reason they can't grow a larger or more impactful church is the location of the church. Really? Is that the reason or is lack of vision, work ethic, leadership etc. the real reason?

I know some churches are not in the best of areas whether it be low population, poor area, violence etc. However, in the end, aren't those all excuses? Especially when the excuses we use are the very people Christ died for!

Maybe we have to ask what kind of people do we really want in our churches. I remember coming to Banning (a little over 20,000 + in population at the time) and the church had almost no money, 4 people and a horrible track record as far as pastors were concerned (6 in 10 years). Just for the record, the area was fair!

As I was praying I remember God spoke to me concerning protection and provision and He said "I know your address". In other words He knew where we were, the question was, did we? When I look around So Cal Dist. I see almost all of our churches located where the land was cheap and location undesired. However, it is where we are and we can either make it a reason to sit, leave or get busy reaching the city he planted us in. "They can't come if they don't know where you are" may be true but what more is true is they won't come "because you did't invite them to where you are".

What are you doing to invite the lost to where you are?

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

I cried for my president!

I must admit I was tempted to blog about Michael Jackson. I watched a portion of his memorial service, not because I was a fan (although I did like him in my earlier years) but for several other reasons.

However, I feel directed otherwise to share with you something that happened to me yesterday at church. At the last moment I was told of a nation-wide event called "TheCall2Fall". Simply put it was a challenge for churches and believers all over America to fall to their knees in prayer for America according to 2 Chr 7:14. Churches were asked to dedicate a portion of their service to pray for America.

I preached a message entitled "The Prayer That Shook The House" from Acts 4:31-33.
I marveled at the fact that Peter and John after being beaten, told to keep quiet and had their lives threatened before their release immediatley upon their release ran back to their "Own Companions" and the 1st thing they did was pray and ask God to make them bold. Make them bold to do what? To speak the very Word that got them beaten and their lives threatened to begin with. Think about that! There is much more I could share about this but here is my point for this blog.

I realize more and more how our government is betraying our foundation of faith and I will admit I am not a fan of our current leader. However, at the end of each of our 2 services I challenged our church to fill the altars and cry out to God on behalf of our country and that he would as He did in Acts 4:31-33 by Shaking our house, forgiving us, filling us with His Spirit and using us to speak His Word with boldness.

During our 8:30 a.m. service I prayed for Obama, his wife and then his kids. I have prayed for them before but this time it was different. It was with a repentant heart and a sincere desire to see God Bless he and his family. During that time I began to cry as I realized that although many love him, there are many more who desire to kill him or see him fail!

I love America. The older I get the more patriotic I become. I get angered at ball games when people don't remove their hats and talk during our national anthem. I become frustrated at times to see people use a holiday such as the 4th of July as a simple excuse to become intoxicated.

July 4th represents our independance as a nation but more importantly our dependance on God to be truy free! He has blessed America but America has turned her back on Him. I love my country, I honor the men and women of our military and pray that God will fill the White House and every other government building with His presence and that our leaders will fall on their knees as we did yesterday and ask God to forgive us & heal our land as we humble ourselves, pray, seek Him and and turn from our wicked ways.

Remember: Although we want our leaders to do this, the key in this verse is wrapped up in the following "IF MY PEOPLE".

Yesterday I cried not only for me and my country, but for my president. You?

Sunday, July 5, 2009

Investment in Next GEN

As you know at General Convention we made a decision to make a much OVERDUE Investment into Impact Student Ministries. I was saddened to see that our average age of ministers has actually increased to 57 years old. It is so important that we make an investment into the NEXT Generation to raise up leaders by equipping our Impact Ministries Dept with staff.

What are some ways that you see we can continue investment to Impact Student Ministries??

What are some things that you see we can do to bring more FOCUS on the Next Generation as a movement??

What are some things you can do in your own District to see this investment into the Next Gen continue to make an impact in the PCG??

Saturday, July 4, 2009

We are MOVING!!

As per General Convention this week, the General Council will be processing the feasibility of moving the General Headquarters & Messenger College to a metropolitan city, Dallas, Oklahoma City or Tulsa.

My thoughts about the move;
I think it is a good move to be in a metropolitan area for travel purposes. I also like the fact that we will be able to be debt-free and funds will be released to see investment in growing the Kingdom of God. I also think it gives the PCG an opportunity to get a new face for the organization. Without a doubt, some will not understand the move but i support the Vision and trust their leadership.

What are your thoughts about this move?

Friday, July 3, 2009

Add it up

So what do you get when you add these words together?? hotels, banquets, service 3 times a day, people of every generation, 3 ring binder, financial reports, people speaking their opinion, pk day, teen talent, 60 yr. ordination pens, Fireflight concert = PCG General Convention 2009.

All though all of this stuff happens and is important (or some of it is), what is the most important thing we get from these gatherings??

Without reservation, this is what i look for at Gen Conv. The leadership of PCG layed out a vision that will take hopefully catapult us into a season of growth. Here it is as it was spoken by our leadership:

We are PCG!!
This was the theme of the General Convention 2009 for the PCG. So what does it mean??

We are Global, Connected, Absolute & Relevant!!
If we are going to stop the decline of the PCG these things are a must. Bishop Scott delivered a powerful word and Vision to lead us forward while cherishing our heritage.

We are Here!!
The answer given to us of the question, where are the young leaders? Making an investment in the Next Generation of leaders is a must to see the survival of PCG.

We are Moving!!
Where? the General Council will begin processing the essentials of moving the General Office & Messenger College to a metropolitan city; Dallas, Oklahoma City or Tulsa.

I love it. Leaders Lead and i was glad to see our Leadership doing just that.

Give your thoughts to the Vision and Changes coming to PCG!!