Thursday, September 24, 2009

Run Forest Run!

Nobody I know runs faster in ministry than our Recovery Pastor. I have to remind him to slow down, take days off, enjoy family time, etc... Hundreds of people attend our weekly recovery is the fastest growing ministry in our church.

Did you know that September is the National Recovery Month? The National Drug & Alcohol Addiction Recovery Month celebrates it's 20th year this month. One of the fastest growing problems in America is the misuse of presciption drugs. The church cannot afford to turn a deaf ear to this crisis.

23.2 million people in the United States over the age of 12 needed treatment for a substance abuse problem in 2007, and 5.4 million adults also suffered from a concurrent mental illness.

How would you grade your church and ministry when it comes to reaching this segment of society? What programs, ministries, or resources are available in your community? How is your board and ministry team preparing for greater outreach?

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  1. PJ
    thanks for reminder I did know Sept was national d&a recovery month. Before becoming a pastor I had the priviledge of working many years with different programs, even writing my own relaplse prevention program which I use when someone wants freedom. glad to see someone else involved. I do not have the need as much now. In Mo. we had a six month a&d program onsite and taught 3 meetings a week. Today the prescription drug epidemic is alarming to say the least. I pray our pastors, lay leaders, and Christians in general would find out how to help, or who can help and get people the help they need to be free in Christ. I'm not sure our community here is doing much but now I will certainly ask. Thanks for reminder