Thursday, October 29, 2009

There's a Rebel in the House!

I was spending time with one of my pastor friends from Ghana, West Africa (he ministered for us on "International Sunday"). As is the case so often, the subject of rebellion came up.

There is not a pastor, manager, parent, or leader anywhere in time past or present who has not had to deal with rebellion.

I have learned that you can't counsel rebellion; and, in my ignorance, I have even attempted to pastor it. It cannot be pastored, loved, corrected, swept under the carpet or pampered. It must be stopped. It must be cut off. It's influence must be minimized, because innocent people always get trapped in the web of rebellion.

How did God deal with it? Like a lightening strike, He dealt with it swiftly. Even in the perfect environment of Heaven, rebellion found company. Rebellion will always play the part of the victim and find others to take the fall with it.

Absolom gives us a tremendous picture of rebellion. When David returned to his palace after the death of his son Absolom, he would not sleep with his wives (they had slept with his son Absolom). Why? For many reasons, I'm sure. For one, if one of them became pregnant, he would not know who the real father was. We must be careful to deal quickly with rebellion in the church, because when we fail to do so and our people become pregnant with doctrine, philosphy, or vision....we will not know if they are impregnated with rebellion.

Pastors, are you dealing with rebellion swiftly? What are your experiences? What are your thoughts?

Thursday, October 22, 2009

Double Portion Anointing!

As one of my spiritual sons was team preaching with me last weekend in Europe (we ministered at two pastor's in Hungary and one in Romania), God was giving him incredible revelation while preaching. (For the record, I have never experienced anything like what we experienced as a father & son preaching on the subject of "Spiritual Fathers & Sons"). He said, "Elisha picked up the mantel. The son's mantel is not to out-perform his father. His mantel is not to preach twice as good, or perform twice the miracles. The son is not in competition with his father. No! My spiritual Papa always says, 'God raises sons & daughters in the House to preserve the vision of the House!' God will never honor the proud, arrogant, or competetive son. The mantel is to continue what the father starts. The mantel is to run with his vision, his dream, and his anointing. When the son runs with the father's mantel, he positions himself for incredible fruitfulness, effectiveness, and results. If it's twice, three times, or more, the son doesn't care. His only desire is to run with his fathers dream!" I thought that was good enough to share with you today! God, give our sons & daughters our vision! Give them our dream! Let them run with it when we're gone! Give them humble hearts! Give them honoring hearts! Position them for DOUBLE PORTION ANOINTING!

Who are your spiritual sons & daughters? How much time do you spend with them daily, weekly, monthly, and annually? What are some of your experiences with them that would encourage pastors to invest in their spiritual offspring?

Monday, October 12, 2009

Tell us something good!

What is going on with you and your church? What has God done recently that you want to share, not boast but share something that God did that we all can rejoice over? Anything at all?

I will go first. Times have been a little rought lately and felt like our people needed a break. A little laughter if you will. So, I invited professional comedian Scott Wood (left) who is not only a top comic but is a fellow believer as well. In fact, he attends and occasionally teaches Jr. High at Greg Lauries church in Riverside CA. So yesterday was the day and it was beyond what I expected. He did a 30-40 minutes stand up ruotine, shared his testimony and 15 people got saved! The church was nearly packed both services (255 total which is great for us) with several new families who after service came to me and told me they loved the church and would be back.

Now we are gearing up for our annual Halloween & Thanksgiving Day outreaches. Let us know what God is doing where you are so we can rejoice with you!