Thursday, November 12, 2009


Recently a number of challenges have caused me to do some real honest evaluations in my life and seeking the Lord in a number of different ways. In the last few months the Lord has brought me to a place of doing something that I have not really done often nor was I ever really taught about in church and that is in the area of fasting.

I read jentzen Franklin's book on the subject and was challenged greatly. Recently I challenged my staff to set aside one day a week to fast and seek God concerning the many challenges our church is facing.

I am learning to grow in this area but am discovering already how awesome it can be.

I am curious......

Do you fast?
How Often?
What type of fasting have you done and how long?



  1. Todd,
    Great book. I read it last year. I usually do some kind of fast every 6-8 weeks and we promote fasting among our leadership team and church.

    We have promoted fasting in many different ways, of course fasting meals, favorite drinks, television & internet. I fully believe that anything we do fast brings our attention on God more and affords us the opportunity to some how listen closer to His direction in our lives.

    At times God has given me answers that i sought for concerning direction for our vision, at times direction when in a real financial crunch but most of all to my personal spiritual life. Keep fasting and continue to seek God's wisdom.

  2. In Bible College, Paul Yonggi Cho's mother-in-law spoke at our "Spiritual Emphasis Week". She spoke about fasting, and said that every major decision she made was hit head-on with a three day fast. She shared that there are many ways to fast; but for her, God showed up with answers on Day 3. You wouldn't believe how that changed my life. I can tell you, Day 3 works for me too! I've done week long fasts and 21 day fasts; but a three day fast has proven to be most effective.

    Every January I fast. I give God the first month of the year. I will fast "sugar", "coffee", "caffein" or something. It's interesting that after several years of fasting coffee, I never picked it up again. I will have an occasional "coffee mocha" from Starbucks...but decaf or herbal teas and water are my regular drinks. Of course, I encourage my leaders and people in the church to do the same. I, like Eddie, have benefited spiritually from fasting more than anything else (although major financial breakthroughs have come as a result of fasting).

  3. I think fasting is GREAT! Jesus demonstrated it when he fasted 40 days and nights before being tempted by the devil. I think during fasting, you should definitely fill yourself with the Word because though you may become physically weak, you can become spiritually strong, and able to rebuke the Devil with scripture.

  4. I truly do believe in fasting, but the one thing I noticed in the bible it says we must anoint our heads with oil, when I do fast I annoint myself with oil and I really try to keep my thoughts centered towards God !!