Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Five Commitments to developing Trust in your church leadership

As I shared yesterday, these are thoughts from Catalyst Conference that I attended a few weeks back. Hope you enjoy

Occasionally they are gaps between what we expect people to do and what they actually do.

I expected ______ but you gave me _______.
we choose what to put in this gap.

We either assume the worst or believe the best.
What we see determines what we believe.
Who I am determines how I respond to others.

A culture characterized by trust produces people that are trustworthy!

If you are unwilling to trust you will never know who you can't trust until you trust them. The longer you refuse to trust the longer untrustworthy people can hide in your organization

Trusting is risky. Refusing to trust is riskier.

Developing a culture of trust begins with the Leader. Trust and suspicion is telegraphed from our actions & ideas about our trust. Quit sitting on mistrust. Don't give a barrel of response to a spoon full of mistakes.

Are you beleiving the best or assuming the worse in those on your team?

Five commitments to developing a culture of Trust

1. When there is a gap between what I expected and what I experienced, I choose to believe the best.

2. When other people assume the worse in you I will come to your defense.

3. If what I experience begins to erode my trust I will come directly to you about it.

4. When I am convinced that I will not be able to fulfill my commitment I will come to you ahead of time.

5. When you confront me about the gaps I've created I will tell you the truth.

Andy Stanley


  1. Eddie, the topic of trust in leadership is a tough one. I wish I knew 9 years ago when I started pastoring what I know now but then again, it is how we learn.

    You hit a key word...ASSUME!

    If I do not spend the time needed to develop a level of comfort and trust with a leader then assumption is about all I have and it is usually wrong or atleast does not tell the sholt story.

    It is risky but like gambling (forgive the comparrison lol) but the greater the gamble, the greater the payoff! I need them and they need me period! I put myself out there and see who responds and sooner or later those who are against me will be revealed!

  2. Todd,

    great words that bring reality to all we do. it is very difficult to trust at times. But when we do God will bring people into our lives that will be a team to take the life changing message to the world. Pour into your leaders continually, give them authority not only responsibility. That is the real release and trust. Love you bro.