Thursday, December 3, 2009

Making Vision Stick

When you begin to think about the upcoming year, are you challenged with a renewed Vision from God??

Does it even matter to you as a leader??

Have you been seeking God to show you His direction for your ministry in 2010??

Do you have a plan to communicate that Vision to those that God has entrusted into your care??

Andy Stanley's book Making Vision Stickhas been a powerful resource for me over the past 3 years. I read it a couple of times a year and always find some things that I need to do better to make Vision Stick at Christian Life Center. The following is a summary of the first chapter of this book that makes Vision a reality.

Vision must have clarity, simplicity and must be catchy. This will make it easy to communicate effectively. If it’s clear from the beginning, it can simply answer people’s questions. Make it memorable/unforgettable and people will embrace it! Better to be incomplete and memorable than complete and forgettable. Don’t pass by the limited opportunities to share your vision to the “drive-by” audience. Remember the audience you have every Sunday do not sit around thinking about the Vision as we do on a daily basis, so make it simple.

Be willing to evaluate your vision so it always tells what is distinctive about your church/ministry. Then watch as your clear vision causes people to redirect their focus and resources.

I challenge you to pick up this resource for yourself and your team.
"Making Vision Stick" by Andy Stanley

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  1. Eddie,
    I love Andy Stanley and actually have never heard of that book. I will make it a point to get it ASAP! I have actually been preparing for 2010 for a number of months and am in full vision mode. 2009 has been difficult to say the least and vision has been what has kept me pressing forward by faith believing there is more for us than what we have right now.

    We are simplifying who we are by letting some non-productive things / ministries die and communicate our core values / vision in 4 words that everyone else probably uses as well......BELONG, GROW, SERVE, SHARE. Everything we are doing and will do is to connect people to these 4 core essentials. Help them find a place to belong, help them grow, teach them to serve and train them to share. Jan. marks 9 years since coming to Banning and I am expecting and visioning it to be the best year yet!

    P.s. if not I am moving to Rolla :)