Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Gathering The Fragments

Years ago I was flipping channels when I came accross Jeses Duplantis. I was not real familiar with his ministry at the time but I remember like yesterday what he said. Speaking of Jesus feeding the 5 thousand Jesse focused on the "Gathering of the fragments". He shared how God told him that there were fragments wasted in his ministry that could help him do more with what he already had. He told his office to turn off lights whenever leaving a room among other things. In 1 month they lowered their bill by $5000 dollars. During these tough financial times it should cause us to look closely at areas we can be better concerning God's money. I have made changes to my health care without putting my family in jeapordy, shaved some things that were pleasing to me but did not accomplish the mission, took advantage of some other opportunities and basically by December will save us $2000 a month and with things being what they are, that is huge for us. Where are the fragments in your ministry?


  1. Todd,
    I have followed Jesse's ministry for about 10-15 years now and remember that series. Thanks for the reminder, to be good stewards in the small things that = big savings!! I will write a list today to share on Sunday to gather our fragments.

  2. These tough times are good for all of us. I always say, "It's not the dollar amount that's the principle". In this case, whether we waste $5 or $5,000 - it's wasteful poor stewardship. Whether we cheat for $10 dollars or $10,000 dollars on our income tax - it's still cheating. Whether we steal $100 dollars or $100,000 dollars - it's still stealing. Whether a white lie or a major one - it's still lying.

    The Lord is reminding me, too, that in this season of "tightening the belt", as I do my part, He'll do His. Thanks Todd!

  3. The gospels give us at least a couple instances of Jesus himself being a good steward.

    - after the feeding of the multitudes, He had the disciples gather up all of the leftovers.

    - at tax time, He let a fish make His tax payment.