Friday, December 18, 2009

Hey Pastor....Sunday's coming!!

I know it is not my week to post but I read this challenge on a blog by Perry Noble, Pastor of Newspring Church and it challenged me. Hopefully it will challenge you as well.

Hey pastor…

Sunday’s coming…
It will be here in less than 48 hours!!!
Are you ready?
This week will be someone’s first week in your church!
Your church is a powder keg WAITING to explode!!!
God wants to do things in your church that would absolutely blow you away if He were to download it all on you at once.
Sunday’s coming…
People will be in your church that are one heartbeat away from hell…
Will you share the GOSPEL?
Will you call for commitment?
Sunday’s coming…
You have been called, equipped and empowered by God to do what you do!
He knows where you are!
He knows what you are going through!
He has NOT forgotten you!!!
Have you BEGGED God to do something unexplainable and undeniable?
Have you allowed something to distract you this week?
Have you become obsessed with anything or anyone other than Jesus and the vision He has poured into you?
Sunday’s coming…
The next Billy Graham, Bill Hybels or Rick Warren COULD be sitting in your church this Sunday…heck, they MIGHT not even be saved yet…
There is UNLIMITED potential within the people in your church who know Christ.
People want hope!
People want to change!
People want to LIVE!
They need to hear YOU tell them about CHRIST!
Sunday’s coming…
Let’s put on our game faces…
This could be the last message that you ever get to preach…EVER!!!
SO…SAY IT, bring the HEAT!!!
Sunday is NOT a burden…it’s a gift…GO FOR IT!!!


  1. Eddie,
    Thanks for passing that on. Sunday was a blessing. I turned over our Chirstmas sevice to one of my staff who wrote and directed her first Christmas program. Services were packed with very little advertisement. Despite some challenges it was a success and 18 decisions were made for Christ. I am truly blessed by my team and trust you had awesome response to your services as well. I rejoice ahead of time knowing many lives were touched and changed by the Power of God's love. Blessings brothers!

  2. Eddie,
    Thanks I needed to read this right NOW. I am challenged to pour myself into God's presence for SUNDAY!! It's not a job shux its not even ministry at the core it is a CALL and a RESPONSIBILTY! Again thanks for the post