Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Jack Hayford Quotables from the NPN Conference

Jack Hayford provided the NPN with some quotable thoughts.
Here are a few of them.

Dwayne Deskins tweeted:
God is not interested in you and me becoming a success — He's interested in us HELPING PEOPLE!

The need for self affirmation corrodes and erodes the soul.
Jon Jennings tweeted:
The church has not been called to wave a standard of justice in front of the world. We've been called to live one.

Comparison and competition are the greatest opponents of real success in our lives. They will turn us into critics or mimics.

The glory doesn't reside in our systems or structures, but in our simplicity of dependence on God.
Bishop Scott tweeted:
You were created from a distinct idea in the mind of God for a distinct purpose.

The standard should be that we are so open to the Holy Spirit, God never has to intrude.


  1. PRAISE THE LORD ......first upon i thionk'I AM SOMEBODY then i feel I AM NOBODY....later i understand JESUS IS SOMEBODY....I AM NOBODY...!!!